upCRO is the latest launch by the Rootkit team as part of the Ecosystem, coins designed to have increased volatility against their main paired token with auto-refilling buy back vaults.

About Us Firmly Established Team

The ROOT team has been releasing innovative defi products for almost 2 years, if people say its impossible, we'll give it a try. We take an entirely unique approach to mechanic design and ecosystem expansion while always trying to look at markets from new perspectives We have two main classes of tokens, UpTokens (ROOTS) and upOnlyTokens (FLOWERS). UpTokens such as upCRO are named by the token they are paired against in the main liquidity pool. UpOnlyTokens use a fully redefined market structure based on volume and they never go down in price, price up on buy and price up on sell.


Using our ERC31337 technology, we first create a price floor by building our token within certain parameters. We are then able to extract all value from beneath the price floor that would otherwise be trapped. Once the value below a price floor has served its purpose to guarantee the price, it's essentially stuck value, we are able to recover it and put it to use. We incorparate various mechanics to increase the price floor over time, including high taxes after vault buy backs and token burns.

New Features Packed With New Innovations

UpCRO will launch with multiple new features including a drip fault, marketing vault, and some unique new functions never before seen in Defi. With the addition of hte drip vault we will have a multi-layered double auto-compounding staking system with predictable APY. O very high apy at launch to encourage buy-side market activity A percent of all trade fees as well as 11% of the value raised will be given directly to the Marketing Vault with spends happening in a verifiable way. We've also included some cool new functions including the ability to convert any percent of price impact directly into liquidity without affecting the user slippage.

Our Team Anon with Trusted Reputation

The ROOT team consists of professor Kronos and multiple other anonymous members. Our real identities are known to many people and teams and we have been part of the industry since there was only Bitcoin. We believe keeping our privacy is important and our tech and reputation should stand on their own. We're very proud to say we feel were accomplishing this as multiple other teams have now adopted our technology and even found new uses for it or ways to implement it. Some of those learnings are being incorporated in to upCRO and we're happy to have learned from those who adopted and improved what we created.

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How we move Roadmap
Activate Social channels and begin MGE

All social channels have been activated. The landing page and app page are live, and the MGE has been activated.

Upgrade ERC31337 Contracts and add more features

Full rewrite of the ERC31337 standard designed for EmpireDex and RootDex is complete. Two new vaults have been added, a Marketing vault and a Drip vault. Lastly a brand new liquidity building function has been added that will be activated later.

Open MGE for BSC users to join with BNB

If you contribute this way, make sure your BSC wallet is also CRO compatible. We recommend using MetaMask if you plan on contributing this way. Once the MGE ends, we lock the liquidity then launch the token. Everyone who participates in the MGE gets the best possible price.

Token launch with over 10k% staking APY

Right when the MGE finishes and the market goes live there will be no circulating tokens so if users want some of the 10k% APY staking rewards they will have to buy from the market. This should create the perfect launch conditions

Activate Marketing Vault

The marketing vault will receive 11.11% of the MGE funds and 20% of all collected trade fees. After initial volitility settles and the APY gets down to a reasonable level we will begin our post launch marketing efforts.

Activate New Buy-Back Vault

Our newest vault, still in development, will have an auto-buy-back feature with customizable paramiters. We will be working closely with our community to choose the vaults buy-back strategies.

How to buy

If you've invested into any of our projects in the past, you know that our MGE and the ERC-31337 "elite" wrapper are the secret sauces that set us apart. It's what separates us from any of the overhyped "RFI/Safemoon/EverRise"-type reflection tokens that have tried to imitate us since Summer 2020.

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